Thursday, January 27, 2011

What is an insulin pump and why do we want one?

Connor was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on 10/15/2010.  (You can read his diagnosis story here) There are 3 different ways to administer insulin, through a syringe, an insulin pen or an insulin pump. When Connor was first diagnosed we used the syringes. We quickly switched to the pens because they are easier for Connor to use on his own and they are easier to transport. With these two methods each meal and snack requires a shot before he can eat. Connor also has to have a shot of insulin before he goes to bed. Connor is simply amazing. I know he does this because he has to but he seldom complains. He takes it all in stride. However there are times when I see it's more difficult for him. Like when he's at school or scouts for instance, when there is a treat provided he often doesn't eat it or saves it to eat later if he doesn't have access to his insulin pen. Or at home sometimes I see the struggle when he's deciding if he's hungry enough to take an extra shot if he wants a snack. Recently he's begged for an insulin pump. The pump affords him the luxury of only having 1 injection every 2-3 days vs. 4-6 every day.The pump would allow him to be more "normal". Instead of having to decide whether or not a snack is worth a shot all he'd have to do is enter in a carb amount into the pump and then the pump takes care of the rest. There would be no more need to carry around the needles, insulin pen, and alcohol swabs. He would have his pump in his pocket and he'd be good to go. There would no longer be the need to give him an injection in the middle of the night to correct a high blood sugar. Once again all that would be required is to program the pump with what you need it to do. If this makes his life easier and him to feel more like a normal kid then this is the way we are going to go. He's already decided that he's going to ask Santa for a pump this year for Christmas. How can you say no to a wish like that? We are in the process of organizing a fundraiser/garage sale to be able to raise the $3000 needed to buy him his pump.This will be an amazing tool to help him fight his daily battle of type 1 diabetes.

For more information on what an insulin pump is and how it works please watch the videos below. These were posted on youtube by dibeticteen. Thanks for visiting and thanks for your support.

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